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There will be a number of categories to compete in, depending on your facial follicle preference.

Pre-judging Qualification – Saturday, September 21st @ 6:00 PM

Official Mustache Competition – Saturday, September 21st @ 8:00 PM

The categories for the Suncoast Credit Union SwantoberFest 2018 Mustache Competition are:

Natural Mustache 

Freestyle Mustache 

Natural Goatee

Freestyle Goatee 

Natural Full Beard 

Freestyle Full Beard

Natural Mustache – Mustache may be styled but without aids. The hairs are allowed to start growing from up to a maximum of 1.5 cm beyond the end of the upper lip. No aids are allowed.


Freestyle Mustache – Mustache may be styled with aids and character. The hairs are allowed to start growing from up to a maximum of 1.5 cm beyond the end of the upper lip. Aids are allowed.


Natural Goatee – Facial hair grown only on chin, upper and lower lip. Beard and moustache may be styled but without aids. Aids are not allowed. Mustache not required.


Freestyle Goatee – Whether it’s a Fu Manchu, Musketeer, or your own styled creation this category is for you. Facial hair grown only on chin, upper and lower lip. Beard and mustache may be styled with aids. Aids are allowed.


Natural Full Beard – As grown, mustache integrated. No aids allowed. Length is important, but isn’t everything. Mass, density, shape, color, and overall impression all count. This category is sure to draw heated competition.


Freestyle Full Beard – This category is for the gentlemen with the full facial fur who like to add some style. Touch up the mustache and create a look to impress the judges. Aids are allowed.

CLICK HERE for full rules


How long can you hoist? Join us at Suncoast Credit Union SwantoberFest Lakeland 2019 for your chance to become the 2019 Stein Hoisting Champion!

Do some quick curls, then come on out and try your hardest to hold up a traditional German stein mug filled with delicious Oktoberfest beer the longest!

The game is simple, how long can you hold a 1 Liter glass stein filled to the brim with liquid and held by a straight ninety degree (90°) arm in front of entrant, parallel to the floor with elbows locked. Once entrant’s elbow bends or spills or drops the stein, entrant loses the contest. Longest time wins the contest.

Steins Up:  Participants must hold their stein, with one arm only, perfectly straight out in front of the, parallel to the floor.

Sipping and Spilling:  Once he or she starts to spill, or drops or bends their arm - they’re out.


Grab a partner and toss the bratwurst. Teams must complete a toss to-and-fro and catch the Brat in their bucket. Careful not to break it as you may end up tossing twice as much. The team that tosses the Brat the farthest distance wins!


The Chicken Dance is a competition for everybody and there will be plenty of opportunities to shake your tail feathers. Throughout the evening, make sure to join in the dance when you hear the song. Don’t worry about looking silly – that is the point! It is important to dance whenever you can to make sure your team has the most dancers by the songs end to earn your team’s point.

Kinder Platz Competitions:

Ein, Zwei, Drei… Halt!

Also called the Number Game, and similar to Red Light, Green Light - in German, it’s the Ein, Zwei, Drei… Halt! Game. Someone is tagged “it” and stands at a distance from the others - with his/her back facing the others. The person who is “it” says, ‘Ein, Zwei, Drei…’ and the kids have to run toward “it.” When “it” says, ‘Halt,’ “it” turns around and all the kids have to stop in statue mode. They aren’t allowed to move at all. If “it” finds any of them moving, they’re out! The game goes until all have been dismissed, or someone crosses the finish line.

Koffer Packen

In English, this game is Packing a Suitcase. The kids sit in a circle. The first one starts by saying, ‘I packed a suitcase and I put a scarf in it.’ The next kid continues with, ‘I packed a suitcase and I put a scarf and a shirt in it.’ This continues with each kid repeating previous items on the list and adding one of his/her own. Those who mess up the sequence or omit any item are disqualified and the game continues until there is one kid remaining, and he/she is declared the winner.

Root Beer Stein Obstacle Race

This race is a test of speed versus patience. How fast can you run around the obstacle course, both hands full of root beer, without spilling any precious root beer? Each racer will run the course holding two Steins full of root beer, one in each hand! Be careful not to spill any root beer because each ounce lost adds one second to your time!